Corns Images

This picture illustrates a corn (heloma durum) on the top of the third toe. This was caused by pressure from high heeled shoes.


There is a corn (heloma durum) on the tip of the third toe. Contracture of the toe resulted in excessive pressure against the ground.


This is the same toe as the previous. Shaving down the corn revealed a small ulcer. Continued pressure against a corn can result in breakdown of the tissues and ulceration. This should heal rapidly with protective padding.


There is a “soft corn” (heloma molle) on the inside of the fifth toe. This is caused by squeezing of the fourth and fifth toes together in a shoe. Sometimes, the underlying bones are enlarged or there in little fat padding between the toes. For these patients, virtually all shoes will cause a painful corn.


This patient has a marked bunion deformity with overlapping of the second toe onto the large toe (hallux). The second toe is contracted at the first (proximal interphalangeal) joint. The deformity of the second digit is termed hammer toe. This elevates the joint which rubs against the top of the shoe. Note that a corn has formed over the joint. It was inflamed and quite sore.


This is the same foot as the previous photograph. The side view more clearly illustrates the hammer toe deformity. Hammering of the second toe frequently occurs with bunion deformities. Hammer toes may be single or multiple. They also occur with some frequency in people with flat or high arched feet.



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