Bunions Gallery



This x-ray illustrates a severe bunion deformity. Please take note of the following:

  • The marked deviation of the great toe, which has come to rest under the second toe.
  • The first metatarsal has deviated towards the mid-line of the body, resulting in a prominence of the first metatarsal head on the inside border of the foot. This is what is known as a bunion.
  • There is bone formation along the inside border of the first metatarsal head. This probably represents a calcified bursa, which formed from repeated shoe pressure.
  • The bones resting between the first and second metatarsals are called sesamoid bones. They normally rest in small tendons beneath the first metatarsal head. As the bones displace with the formation of a bunion, these come to lie in the interspace.
  • The second toe is contracted into what is termed a hammer toe.




This x-ray illustrates a more moderate bunion deformity. The second toe still lies adjacent to the great toe, and is not contracted.



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